Every year around this time, everyone is faced with the typical question, “What do you want for Christmas?”

Some will throw out random ideas to get the questioner off their back, while others go into deep thought about what they want and what others should receive. Letters are sent off to Santa Clause, wish lists are written, prayers are cast, and hints are heavily dropped. While every year thousands of gifts are given, some wishes may go unanswered. This year, Wilco wanted to spread the message that all wishes, big or small, or worth fulfilling. And sometimes when you think no one is listening…that is when the biggest surprise of all happens.

On November 12th, we posted the weekly Fan Friday Giveaway asking Fans if they had a $100 gift card, who they would want to help this Christmas season, and what gift(s) they’d give. 1,500 comments later, the Wilco Elves went to work and read through responses with the hopes of delighting and surprising some deserving members of our communities.

The 3rd Wilco Wish granted was from Karen Tasker to her friend Kathi.

Kathi is 64 years old and is raising her 1-year-old great-granddaughter, Emma, by herself. Kathi’s heat pump recently went out and has been left to use her wood stove. Having to take care of herself and Emma on her own, it is financially difficult for her to buy wood and buy enough to last.

We contacted Karen to let her know we would like to help Kathi during this Christmas season! Karen jumped on board and helped us come up with a plan to surprise Kathi. Karen traveled to the Newberg store where she met the Wilco Elves, who then followed her to Kathi’s home with a special delivery. Little did Kathi know that loaded up onto the Wilco Delivery Sleigh were 20 9pk bundles of Bear Brick fire logs that would help keep her and Emma warm through the winter! When Kathi saw it, she was very thrilled and had nothing but smiles covering her face.

Happy Holidays to Karen, Kathi, and Emma! We’re thankful for Karen’s wish to help keep Kathi and Emma warm during these cold months and the Wilco Elves wish them a happy, healthy, and warm Christmas!

December 16, 2014