Pre-Blended Premium Diesel

Wilco’s Premium Diesel evenly blends the Diesel Power Additive with diesel to create a premium product that Saves you Time, Money and Effort.

Fuel Aging Test

Wilco’s Premium Diesel:

  • Through all these features, Premium Diesel can improve your operation’s performance by decreasing maintenance downtime; reducing common things like plugged-up filters.  While we believe the performance gains far outweigh the additional cost, the results customers report is why we continue to recommend Wilco’s Premium Diesel product. Prevents and Cleans-Up Injector Deposits
  • Improved High Temperature and Storage Stability
  • Improves Lubricity to Prevent Premature Pump and Injector Wear
  • Controls Water and Moisture
  • Prevents Rust and Corrosion
  • Improves Cetaine up to 4 points

Before switching to Wilco’s Premium Diesel we had to change out plugged fuel filters on equipment several times between regular service intervals. Now with Wilco’s Premium Diesel we only change filters on scheduled maintenance times which allows us to stay running at optimum performance.

Don Doerfler
Partner/Owner, Ioka Farms

Wilco’s Premium Diesel can also improve your vehicle’s performance.  There is up to a 4 pt Cetaine increase using premium diesel.  Cetane is an indicator of combustion speed within diesel engines.  The higher the Cetane number the easier fuel will combust within the engine and usually allows diesel engines to run quieter and more smoothly.

This enhanced vehicle performance can create mileage increases by up to 4%, and we’ve heard the testimonials to prove it.

Call Wilco’s Petroleum Department for more information or pricing.  We’re always excited to introduce customers to this product because we’ve seen the benefits.