For a Propane Emergency

If a propane emergency occurs, please turn off the propane tank if safe to do so. Evacuate all occupants from the building. If an emergency arises, please call (800) 598-6827 from an alternative safe location for immediate assistance. Do not turn ON or OFF any light switches, appliances, or electrical devices. Do not go back inside the building until instructed it is safe to do so.


Bulk Fuels Delivery

Quality products delivered to your tank in a timely and safe manner

Gasoline & Biodiesel

Wilco’s premium fuels offer Non-Ethanol Premium Gasoline and Biodiesel Fuel Blends.

Auto-Fill Program

We’ll make sure you always have the fuel you need. No extra cost for this program.

Propane Service

No contracts, no added delivery charges and local service.

Lubricants & Oils

Lubricants for the full spectrum of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial applications.

Contract Pricing

Discounts for qualifying Co-op members and fixed
price contracts.