Wilco, the largest agricultural supply cooperative in the Pacific Northwest broke ground on the construction of a new store in Corvallis

Oregon next door to Applebee’s and the Carmike 12 theatre off of Circle Boulevard. Less than three weeks after opening their first two-story Wilco store in Cornelius, OR, Wilco broke ground on an even larger two-story building in Corvallis.

The 15,000 sq. ft. main floor will feature convenience True Value hardware and paint, Purina feeds and livestock supplies, a garden department, premium pet supplies, and pet food from brands like Nutro, Blue Buffalo, Diamond, Taste of the Wild, and Science Diet with a full-service Pet Grooming shop.

The facility will also include a 5,000 sq. ft. upstairs clothing pad focusing on workwear and quality brands like Carhartt, Danner, Wrangler, and Ariat. Outside will be a covered garden center, full-service warehouse, and yard for fencing, gates, feed, and soil amendments.

For more than a decade, Wilco has operated a small 5,500 sq. ft. store in nearby Tangent, Oregon. When the new Corvallis store opens this summer, the Tangent location will be closed and the team will resume business at the new store in Corvallis. The current Tangent team will more than double in size and adds about 20 jobs to support the new store.

“The larger store in Corvallis will allow us to expand our selection in every department. We’re excited about the opportunity to improve our service to customers in the mid-valley,” said Wilco COO Sam Bugarsky.

The new store will be managed by TJ Colson. While attending Oregon State University, in 2003 TJ started working for Wilco in the nearby Tangent store. He was promoted multiple times and has managed a large store in Springfield, Oregon since 2009. TJ and his wife live just outside of Corvallis and have numerous local ties to the community.

When asked about the new store, TJ said, “Corvallis is such a great place to live. When I learned we were opening a store I was excited about what we could offer the community. Now that I’ve been given the opportunity to manage this new Wilco store, it’s a dream come true.”

February 10, 2014