All things hazelnut can now be found in Donald, Oregon.

The Hazelnut Marketplace is located in front of the brand-new hazelnut processing facility not far off I-5 in Donald.

Hazelnuts, also known as filberts, are a growing crop in Oregon with expected record crops in the coming years. To support this growth, Wilco, a farmer-owned cooperative, recently completed the state-of-the-art hazelnut plant in Donald, where cleaning, sorting, processing, and bagging take place. In front of this plant, the Hazelnut Marketplace store was added and is now open to the public Monday through Friday.

With over 95% of all hazelnuts grown in the United States coming from Oregon, the Donald store is perfectly located to receive the freshest hazelnut products in all flavors. Candy-coated with, Chocolate, Cherry, Marion Berry Butterscotch. Seasoned with hickory or jalapeno. Buy them in bulk still in the shell. Buy shelled hazelnut kernels, natural or roasted, by the 5lb box.

hazelnut products

Hazelnut products extend beyond what you eat too. Hazelnut magnets, tee shirts, nutcrackers, hats, aprons, beer mugs, and shot glasses. Oregon’s official state nut is the hazelnut, so for those looking to give the gift of Oregon, visit the new store in Donald.

For more information about hazelnuts or store hours, visit Hazelnut Website
To purchase Oregon Hazelnuts online, visit Oregon Orchard Website

December 9, 2018