In partnership with those trying to find Mr. Mark Bosworth,

Wilco is re-posting this message and information to help spread the information in hopes of finding Mark. Thank you for reading…

I am reaching out personally to each of you reading this message to help me find my husband. According to Mark’s doctors, his lymphoma returned and is creating pressure on the frontal lobe of his brain. This is the seat of reasoning, judgment, and memory and explains his growing confusion and disorientation. Without medical treatment, the pressure will spread to the brain stem which controls basic bodily functions. Right now we still have time to find Mark before that happens. He may still be able to get around and talk, even be on the road somewhere, but he is in desperate need of medical attention. Please redouble your efforts today to look for him, and to spread his photo and his story to others. One of you will see Mark and bring him home to his daughters Kelly and Claire and to me so we can put our arms around him and care for him. Call 911 if you think you see him. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…. Julie Bosworth

For more information go to Find Mark Website

October 9, 2013