One of Wilco’s goals is to maintain the best employees and to make sure team members fit with

Our Core Values of Integrity, Accountability, Respect, Community, Quality, and Teamwork; the mission were accomplished with the hiring of Diana Unruh in 1967.

“When I first started in 1996, I was scared to come to a new place and to a much bigger company than I was used to, but from day one Diana made me feel welcome and it was evident she would do anything in her power to help me succeed because in her eyes, that’s what you did for your teammates. I know she has been that person for most everyone she has welcomed to Wilco.”

She is an incredibly hard worker, with a work ethic that is matched by few, and was many people’s “go-to” person. Anyone that crossed her path may have come to her originally as a stranger, but they left feeling like a friend because of her caring personality, constant positivity, and her quick wit that had everyone laughing multiple times a day. She had a smile for everyone and she was genuinely happy to see them. She is just one of those unique people that everyone remembers and everyone has nothing but positive things to say about her.

We all have felt incredibly honored to be able to know her and we have learned from her not only professionally, but personally. She has an amazing outlook on life and she loves her family through and through, and she genuinely loved her time at Wilco. She has been incredibly loyal to Wilco and our customers and frequently professed about how great of a company Wilco is to work for.

Diana’s last day was Friday, after 48 years of service and we already miss her dearly. We are all excited for her next chapter of life that she has more than earned, but we selfishly wish she could stay for many, many more years. The only saving grace is that she is still coming back to help with some small projects.

Thank you Diana for being a role model and providing the customer service we all hope to achieve.

April 4, 2016