Bulk Fuels

Bulk Fuel Services

  • Delivery to Your Tank
  • Auto-Fill Program
  • Industry Trends & Updates Email
  • Daily Market Reports and Pricing Email
  • Fixed Price Contracts
  • Discounts for Qualifying Coop Members
  • Fuel Tank Services
  • Outside Service & Sales Team

Bulk Fuel Products


  • E-10, 87 Octane Unleaded Gasoline
  • E-10, 92 Octane UL Premium Gasoline
  • Non-Ethanol Blended 92 Octane Prem Gasoline


  • Premium Diesel B5
  • ULS 15ppm Dyed Off-Road Diesel B5
  • ULS 15ppm Clear On-Road Diesel B5
  • ULS 15ppm Dyed Furnace Diesel B5
  • ULS 15ppm #1 Heating Oil/Stove Oil (McMinnville Trade Area Only)
  • B20 (20% biodiesel blend)
  • B50 (50% biodiesel blend)

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Current Fuel Prices

For updated Fuel Pricing information, please call our Customer Care Team at 800-598-6827 for current information.

(Pricing received via email is subject to change without notification due to market volatility.)

Competitive prices, exceptional service, Wilco’s bulk fuel delivery services offer several fuel types and grades within our delivery grid.

Please call 800-598-6827 for pricing, delivery details, and available products. We’re eager to serve you. Ask about our contract pricing programs.

Contract Fuel Program

Wilco offers customers the opportunity to purchase on-road and off-road diesel at a fixed price with no deposit or prepayment. Free off-site storage is provided for up to 30 calendar days from the date of contract signing. You choose the delivery date inside the 30-day purchasing window. New contracts are available daily.

This is an ideal tool to protect against an upside market. Locking in the price enables you to control fuel costs during peak production times.

  • Wilco’s contract fuel program highlights include:
  • No storage fees.
  • Price is F.O.B. customer’s location (inside Wilco’s delivery area).
  • Contracts are offered in full truck and trailer or trailer load quantities.

Wilco’s standard credit terms apply. Call for credit details. For complete and detailed information please call 800-598-6827