Georgia Boot believes in the importance of educating our youth, promoting careers in the trades that have built our country. Each Autumn at Wilco, Georgia pays it forward by giving back $5 for every pair of Georgia Boot footwear sold to the FFA Forever program. Georgia’s DNA consists of trust, purpose, hard work, and heritage. These core values directly align with the mission and values of the FFA program and is a reason why they desire to support programs that make a difference.

Trust – FFA students trust that the organization will provide them with the skills and education they need to be successful in their future career. The Georgia Boot brand is built upon trust. Georgia understands that consumers trust in their boots and work hard every day to continually earn it.

Purpose – FFA does not provide education solely for future production farmers. It is an organization to support leadership in future biologists, chemists, veterinarians, etc. FFA seeks to expand on the unique talents of individual students. Similarly, Georgia Boot does not produce a one size fits all boot. They build purpose-built work boots to suit specific job environments so that you can depend on your work boots to hold up to everyday tasks.

Hard work – FFA exhibits hard work, from the educators teaching in their classrooms to the students working hard to learn new skills. Georgia works hard to build quality footwear that is reliable for every assignment.

Heritage – FFA was founded by a group of farmers in 1928 to educate the future generations on the obstacles of feeding a large population. Since 1937 Georgia Boot has been manufacturing America’s Hardest Working Boot for the working folks who depend on them.

Each of the different career paths FFA focuses on will continue to be in high demand in the future. Teaching leadership skills at a young age is crucial to ensuring success in overcoming inevitable obstacles to achieve their goals throughout their careers.

FFA’s approach to shaping our future leaders in the agricultural industry is what inspires Georgia. Each year Georgia hopes to give back more than the year prior to help increase the yearly average Wilco can donate back to the California, Oregon and Washington FFA Foundations.