Lubricants & Oils

Call Wilco for bulk & packaged lubricant delivery. Wilco offers Cenex and Shell products lines providing lubricants for the full spectrum of Agricultural, Commercial and Industrial applications. Call us at 800-598-6827

When you need to keep things moving, you can rely on Cenex and Shell lubricants and Wilco. Cenex and Shell have products for all types of applications — from heavy-duty trucks to hard-working tractors… from high-powered construction, logging and industrial equipment to sporty recreational vehicles. The Shell and Cenex family of advanced products span the full range of technologies, including conventional lubricant fluids, full and partial synthetics.

Proven Shell and Cenex lubricants are manufactured with the finest lube oil base stocks and specially blended additives. Our lubricant product categories include engine oil, tractor fluid, grease, hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, two-cycle engine oil, four-stroke lawn/garden and recreational engine oil, industrial lubricants and other specialty categories; deliverable in cases of quarts, 2.5 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums, and in bulk.

Wilco carries the complete line of Shell and Cenex products. You can trust Wilco’s experts to provide you with the answers, solutions, and delivery you need. Call us today.

Wilco Now Offering Will-Call Oil

To better serve our customers, Wilco is now offering will-call oil pickup at our Central Distribution Center in Mount Angel. With 1-hour lead time, our petroleum staff will pull and stage your oil order for will-call billing and pickup.

To order will-call oil pickup, just call 800-598-6827. When you arrive, enter the building through the East side door closest to the cell tower as shown on the map here.