Home Heating Fuel


Wilco Home Heating Fuel program delivers exceptional service, competitive prices, and premium quality fuels to customers in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.

Wilco offers #1 Diesel, #2 Diesel and B20 Biodiesel fuels for home heating and commercial applications. In addition to home heating fuel, Wilco features an auto-fill fuel program.  This service is designed to extend the life of your fuel tank and assure the effective, efficient and reliable operation of your furnace.

100-gallon minimum.

Wilco also stocks and sells home heating fuel tanks and accessories.

Auto-Fill Program

As a Wilco auto-fill heating oil customer in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, you receive the benefits of this program at no additional cost to you. Auto-fill customers are required to have a Wilco credit account in good standing, unlimited access to your fuel tank, a minimum tank size of 220 gallons, and that heating oil be your home’s primary source of heat.

Below are some highlights and benefits to the auto-fill program.

Continual Fuel Supply

Wilco will ensure you have a continual supply of fuel to meet your needs. Wilco will monitor your tank level and make deliveries based on your consumption.  In the unexpected event, an outage does occur, you are our top priority and a truck will be promptly dispatched to your location for delivery. If you incur furnace repair expenses directly related to the outage, Wilco will compensate you for the repairs.


Wilco’s auto-fill program bases the price per gallon of your fuel on the size of your fuel tank not on the quantity delivered. If you own a 275 gal heating oil tank and Wilco delivers 100 gallons you receive the 275 gal price. ALWAYS! This program typically saves you 5 cents per gallon on each delivery.

Better For Your Tank

Wilco will top off your tank at the end of the heating oil season to ensure your tank has less available air space.

A tank that is half full tends to breathe more during the summer months.

During the warm summer days and cooler nights, the air in your tank expands and contracts, bringing in condensation. This condensation can form on the inner walls of your fuel tank causing rust that will deteriorate the tank walls and ultimately shorten the life of your tank.

If excessive condensation forms, you could accumulate water in the bottom of your tank creating an environment for Algae to begin growing. Algae can create problems for your furnace like filter and nozzle plugging.

Tank Treatment

Tank treatment will be performed at the end of every heating oil season.

Wilco offers a Bio-cide treatment to ensure Algae has no opportunity to begin its life cycle during the warm summer months.

This treatment is complimentary as an auto-fill Customer.

Water Testing

Wilco’s knowledgeable and trained delivery professionals will check your fuel tank for water accumulation at the beginning and end of each heating oil season. We note our findings on your invoice at the time of delivery. Wilco does offer water removal services if needed.

For more information or to sign up for Wilco’s auto-fill program please call our customer care representatives today on our toll-free number 1-800-598-6827.

Tanks & Accessories

Wilco stocks heating fuel tanks and accessories. Listed below is our most popular tank. More options are available. For detailed information contact our home heating experts at 800-598-6827.

  • Fuel Tank Oval 275 Gal 14 Ga. Call For Current Price