Pet Adoption – Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon – Corvallis

Event Details

Event Date

Saturday, May 18th 11:00am


Saturday, May 18th 1:30pm


Corvallis Wilco Farm Store

Reservation Required



Wilco is happy to have Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon (SDRO) visit for another Pet Adoption Event!

SDRO will be at the Corvallis Wilco every third Saturday, from 11:00 to 1:30 pm.
SDRO’s mission is to rescue and re-home dogs age 6 & up. It’s that simple. Older dogs left at shelters. Dogs whose owners died. Dogs whose families came apart. SDRO aims to save them all!

Find your new family member, click here to view adoptable dogs.

Spotted the right dog? Begin the adoption process.

  1. Fill out an adoption application. Return it online or print out and mail.Bite your nails and wait for SDRO to call. Just kidding! SDRO has a 24 hr response time, except on holidays.
  2. Let’s talk about your dog and your lifestyle.
  3. Ready? Sign the Preliminary Adoption form and your 2 week trial begins. During this time, SDRO is available to answer your questions. We even have a no-cost-to-you certified dog trainer to advise you.
  4. Yippee! It’s MY dog now! At the end of the trial period, sign the final agreement, pay your fee and celebrate.You’ll receive all your dog’s records, including how to transfer your dog’s microchip information to you.

Why Does Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon Charge an Adoption Fee?

Are senior dogs worth their weight in gold? We think so! That’s why every dog that comes into rescue gets a thorough vet exam, spends time in a certified foster home, and is fed a high quality diet.

You can find each dog’s adoption fee at the bottom of its bio.

There’s a 10% discount for (human) seniors.

You can pay your fees online.

Our fees rarely cover a dog’s expenses, but we know you want a dog that:

  • has been spayed or neutered
  • has a microchip
  • is current on all immunizations
  • has clean teeth
  • is healthy, fit and ready to be your perfect companion

We Ð and you Ð won’t accept anything less. The proof? Almost 100% of SDRO’s foster homes have adopted one or more senior dogs. That says it all!

Almost 700 dogs have been adopted from Senior Dog Rescue of Oregon!