Feed Tub Recycling Event at Petaluma Wilco

Event Details

Event Date

Thursday, January 7th 8:00am


Sunday, January 17th 6:00pm


Petaluma Wilco Farm Store

Reservation Required


Feed Tub Recycling Event Wilco 2020
  • 707-238-5566


At Wilco, we recognize our responsibility of being good stewards of the environment and our communities. We’re excited to offer a way for you to recycle your feed tubs in partnership with Purina Animal Nutrition! Save The Date and recycle your plastic feed tubs Jan. 7th through Jan. 17th at your Petaluma Wilco Store!

JANUARY 7 – 17 | Petaluma Wilco Store

Plus you receive $10 off per tub on future tub purchases.

• Collection dates 1/7-1/17 at the Petaluma Wilco Store
• Drop off tubs at the Customer Load Out
• Receive $10 off YOUR PRICE on tub purchases made by 2/28/2021 for each tub recycled.
• Only clean tubs will be accepted
(free of excess debris, manure, mud, etc)

Last year we collected nearly 1,000 tubs that were recycled into park benches and playground equipment.