THANK YOU for participating in this year’s Annual Meeting, the proceedings have concluded for 2021. 

Click HERE to watch the recording of this year’s annual meeting.

Election Result Highlights:
1.  All Bylaw updates and additions passed voting
2.  All incumbents were re-elected

We’re proud to be farmer-owned and look forward to next year’s 2022 annual meeting to discuss successes and progress to improving your cooperative throughout 2021.


Letter from the CEO

Letter from the CEO

Video Messages from the Wilco Board Candidates

Video Messages from the HGO Committee Candidates


Wilco has been serving farmers since 1967. Wilco has a strong commitment to its Core Values and local communities. We strive to be a progressive and innovative coop in the great Pacific Northwest. With Agronomy Centers, Farm Stores, and Bulk Petroleum, we are here to help with everyone’s agricultural needs.