TRAX Crop Management System

Powered by AgWorld, TRAX Crop Management System is an interactive communications, record keeping and analytics platform to enable improved collaboration for growers with stakeholders in their crops.  TRAX delivers value that is Planned, Measured & Proven.

PLANNED through more consistent communication.

  • Manage crop plans and work flow with easy to use electronic interface.
  • Access to collaborate on industry leading solutions and information.
  • Reduced risk to farm record keeping.  Provides farm enterprise with legacy information via author owned digital-mobile platform.

MEASURED with an easy to use data capture interface.

  • Timely notification of field observations and actionables.
  • Benchmark measurable best management practices through year over year reporting.
  • Enable growers to manage traceability of crop inputs.

PROVEN with both agronomic and economic analytics.

  • Apply economic basics to decision making.
  • Evaluate crop performance data post harvest vs. collected data.
  • Collaborate with Wilco expert agronomists to validate and improve practices.