Agronomy Products


Local knowledge, in-stock products and leading manufacturers combine to bring Wilco customers the very best in crop nutrients.

Bulk granular fertilizer, foliar-applied micronutrients or a custom applied prescription, Wilco covers all facets of a total nutrition program.

Wilco is the northwest agronomic leader in field-applied technology.


It’s all about results, and when it comes to keeping unwanted plant species out and your crops thriving Wilco has the products and knowledge you require.

Premium brands and local expertise combine to make Wilco your best choice for tailored herbicide products.

Talk to our Agronomists for information on the right application to free your crop of unwanted weed pests.


Enhance your crop’s performance with Wilco adjuvants.

Wilco adjuvants are available for most spray applications and readily available at Wilco locations.

Trust Wilco agronomists to provide local experience in selecting the best performing adjuvants for use with pesticides or fertilizers.

Local service and expertise is essential in knowing which adjuvants to select in producing the best results.

Wilco’s proprietary line of Agrisolution adjuvants.


Depend on Wilco to rid your crops of unwanted insects. Wilco’s comprehensive selection of premium-brand insecticides will meet any insect-based challenge you have. Wilco’s agronomists can help you identify and apply the insecticides proven to protect your crop.

Local expertise, the right products and exceptional service combine to make Wilco the first choice of hundreds of farm operations, large and small, around the northwest.


The northwest can be a challenging region for fungal pathogens.

Wilco’s agronomists are seasoned professionals that quickly identify the right solutions and proper fungicide applications for any problem.

Wilco offers a complete selection of leading fungicide formulations from the top manufacturers.

Contact your Wilco market representative for detailed fungicide information and services.

Wilco carries a complete line of premium-brand fungicides that protect your crops and create value for your operation.

Wilco makes product availability a priority along with exceptional service…something our customers appreciate with every order they place.

A short consultation with one of our experienced agronomists can help identify the best product and application system.

Soil Amendments

Growing media can vary greatly between crops and locations. It takes experience, knowledge and local experts to know which is best for you. That’s why Wilco has solutions for every situation.

Wilco works with a wide variety of laboratories that test, evaluate and generate recommendations designed to satisfy the growing goals of all nursery and greenhouse operations. You can depend on the Wilco team of experts for every phase of your operation.

There’s an enormous diversity of soil types across the northwest. Meeting the broad spectrum of soil needs requires local knowledge, experience and the right products.

Wilco agronomists work with you to identify the proper soil amendments, such as lime and gypsum, that are essential to improving and maintaining your crop’s soil structure and chemistry.

If you’d like, Wilco can deliver the appropriate solution to your field or orchard with our complete fleet of application equipment. Prilled amendments that are available by the bag can be picked up at our convenient locations.


All farmers know, proper seed selection is a critical decision, and making the right choice is defined by countless factors.

Wilco offers the leading northwest varieties from Seed Research, a world leader in seed innovation and development.

Whatever the need, we can help you with identifying, establishing and maintaining the right species and variety.

Wilco agronomists are some of the best in the business and will work closely with you to assure the success of your operation.

Give our Agronomy Department a call for more information.