Outright donations are cash or in-kind (merchandise) contributions not exchanged for equal value advertising or public relations.

General Policy

Wilco attempts to satisfy most requests that fit with our values, purpose and market goals. However we require at least 30 days notice prior to the event/activity date to be able to effectively and appropriately respond to and fulfill requests. Because we are not able to contribute to every cause no matter how worthy, our policy is to focus our contributions to organizations or groups that fit into the following areas of activity:

  • Direct involvement with Agriculture, pets, or livestock.
  • Youth and School organizations or activities in communities where we offer significant products or services.
  • Organizations where significant reciprocal business arrangements can be made for supply of products or services provided by Wilco.
  • Community organizations where we offer significant products or services.


Sponsorship is the exchange of cash, services and/or in-kind (merchandise or gift cards) for equal or greater advertising or public relations value.

Wilco sponsorship is limited to (1) facilities, meetings, special projects, events and event classes that relate directly to a significant, specific market or business that Wilco serves. Sponsorship expense is tracked as advertising and is limited by values set in the yearly advertising budget.

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